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Ken Bernard, 昨年卒業したうちのレジデント。

IHS (Indian Health Service) —ネイティブアメリカンに医療を提供する機関— の医師として巣立っています。現在は共同研究者としてやり取り。HSにおける救急医療の実態を調査しています。




彼のNEJM Blogには心を打たれる言葉が多くあります。

今回は「The Outsiders」。ぜひ読んでください。

“The majority of people seeking safety and asylum, are, like you and me, looking for home — a place where they can become part of a community, raise their families without fear and invest in a future for their loved ones. They are outsiders, as all of us have felt at some time or another, adjusting to circumstances beyond their control. All they want is to be accepted, be productive, be happy.

I have just one more thing to be thankful for.  I am thankful for people like my Aunty She-sheep, whose story I now share, whose example I now follow and whose expectations I now try to live up to.  I ask that others follow, let go of that resentment and fear.

During this holiday season open your hearts and minds, and create some space for dialogue and forgiveness rather than vitriol and bitterness. Then, maybe we all can find a little more peace and happiness.”


Happy holidays!


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